Website not making your phone ring?

After reviewing websites for clients all over the world, we've found websites disappoint for one reason more than any other. Read on and we'll tell you exactly what it is. (You might not even need us.)

Firstly, though, what is a Taleist website review? It's when one of our professional copywriters goes through your website from the perspective of your ideal client. 

You get the opinion of someone who's an expert in persuasion and communication. Because they're not as close to your business as you are, they won't miss the same things you've overlooked but your potential clients won't.

 We review websites for the quality of the copy and persuasiveness

Why get a website review? It's all about first impressions.

Your customers know there are plenty of other businesses that do what you do.

When customers have choices, you need to be convincing from the moment they land on your website. 

  • Are people visiting your website but not contacting you or buying?
  • Is writing not your thing? Are you apprehensive about your copy?
  • Do you know the principles of writing persuasively online?
  • Did you know that Google is judging everything from your spelling to how fast your page loads?

If your website doesn’t inspire confidence and start convincing people instantly, they move on and won’t come back.

You only have one chance to make that critical first impression.

What we do to review your website

Your website should be bringing in leads, whether they come from Google or are following up on a referral. If you suspect your website isn't selling your business and you don't know why or how to fix it, our copywriters can help.

We work with websites every day. We know what motivates website visitors to take action, whether it's:

  • The persuasiveness of your copy
  • How your website works for visitors in terms of design, navigation and functionality
Very informative. I’ve a clear idea of how to make an immediate difference to the number of enquiries I get.
— Margaret Murray, Toowoomba, Queensland
I can see it all so clearly now! My website is definitely going to bring in more business after making the changes you suggest.
— Jo Grabyn, Manly, Sydney
So much detail, a terrific analysis and eye opening to say the least. A trillion times worth the small investment.
— Nick Dogulin, Drummoyne, Sydney

Why use us for your website review

We’ve been website content writers for more than 20 years. We've reviewed sites for clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, the UK and the USA. Their businesses have been as diverse as architecture, ecommerce, plumbing supplies, wedding services, town planning and professional services. We know what your clients need to see to be convinced. 

How your website review works

  1. You give us a description of your ideal client
  2. One of our Australian copywriters will review your website with your ideal client in mind (we are in Austrlaia but we have reviewed sites for clients all over the world)
  3. We'll email you a comprehensive report (PDF) that you can use to fix your website or use to brief someone to help you
Website review with consultation

Have our professional website content writers review your site for:

  1. Design fit
  2. Persuasiveness of content
  3. Best practice writing for the web

Includes a half hour video consultation for one-on-one advice from an expert on how you can tune your website content to get more business.

Order a review and consultation

If you're not completely happy with your website review, we'll give you a prompt and courteous refund. Just let us know within 30 days (or before your consultation, whichever comes first).


FAQs about website reviews

What information do you need from me? After making payment, you will be asked for the address of the website you would like us to review and for a brief description of your ideal customer.

How long will my website review take? You will have your review by email within two weeks of placing your order.

What will I receive? Your website review is a comprehensive report (around 20 pages) that we will email to you as a PDF.

What if I'm not happy with my review? We're confident you'll be delighted with the insights your review gives you. We stand behind that with a money-back guarantee. If you're not happy after you receive your report, let us know you'd like a refund within 30 days (or before your video consultation, whichever comes first) and we'll send a full refund to your credit card. No questions asked.

What if I still need help after my website review? We offer one-on-one coaching in copywriting and website content writing and SEO. We're also experienced in copywriting websites for businesses of all sizes, as well as designing and building new websites.

How can I reach you after I place my order? You can email or reach us via our Contact Us page. Also, we'll be emailing you as soon as you send your order. Just hit "reply" anytime and you'll get straight through to us. (We're based in Sydney, Australia and will respond asap in business hours.)


So what's the number one problem our website critiques find?

 Most sites we review are mobile responsive. The number one problem we find reviewing websites is not technical, it's to do with copywriting

Most sites we review are mobile responsive. The number one problem we find reviewing websites is not technical, it's to do with copywriting

We promised to tell you the most common mistake we find reviewing websites. It's so simple you might not even believe us. The commonest mistake we see is that the site doesn't say what the business does (in a way the visitor understands).

Surely, you couldn't possibly write a whole website that doesn't say what you do. It happens all the time. We've seen:

  1. A Sydney town planner whose website didn't once use the phrase “town planner” or “town planning”. 
  2. A Brisbane-based consultant whose website didn’t mention he was in Brisbane. 
  3. A Sydney-based training organisation with a 50-page website that still left frustrated readers asking, "But what do you do?"

Imagine the extra business those clients picked up after our professional website content writers reviewed their websites.

If you think those are extreme examples, think about your own experience looking at websites. How many times have you read a website and been uncertain what exactly the company does and whether you're the right client?

None of our clients would have thought that wasn't the first thing their websites did. None of them disagreed with us when we showed them it wasn't. It's so much easier when someone with a bit of distance can show you how to get on track. 

If you're not getting the enquiries you think you should from your website, isn't it worth making sure?

Got more questions?

Feel free to email or call Steven, our director of website content, on 0413 829 909 with any questions you have about getting your website reviewed.

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