Using website copywriting to build trust for a Sydney builder

By Steven Lewis

Copywriting case study

Sydney builder Paul Metlege runs up against one issue with every job: trust. How the copywriting on his website fixes that.

Builders as a profession don’t have an excellent reputation for reliability or trustworthiness. But Paul is reliable and trustworthy, and he takes pride in his work. His website copywriting needed to prove that.

Paul wanted his website to do two things before he met prospective customers:

  1. Start the job of persuading them that they could trust him
  2. Answer some of the most common questions to save him time when meeting prospective customers

Our website copywriting process

All our copywriting jobs start with research. We’re not just telling your story; we’re doing it with a purpose: to influence your audience to choose you. To do that effectively, we have to know about the audience.

Talking to customers

In the case of Renovate8, we started by talking to people who had employed builders or who were thinking about builders.

We asked them what they’d liked or disliked about builders they’d worked with or whose websites they’d looked at. We asked them what they’d heard about the industry. And we asked what they would want to know from a builder they were getting a quote from.

Some of it was expected. And some of it led us to cover things we would never otherwise have thought to write about on the website.

building website case study
building website case study

Researching competitors

Paul’s customers weren’t just going talk to Paul or look at only Renovate8’s website. People typically talk to several builders and get quotes from at least three.

By looking at competitors, we could see what Paul’s potential customers were seeing and hearing from other builders.

We used that information to make sure Paul stood out as different.

Educating customers

Paul told us that builders in Sydney typically look at your specifications for a job and work out how they could make something that looks the same to you but that uses cheaper materials.

As a customer, you might not realise that the quotes you get from different builders might not be for the same thing, however meticulously you’ve spelt out what you want.

Paul uses his website to explain why he might be more expensive that the others. He always quotes to the specifications. If you need the work done cheaper, he’ll show you where costs can be saved rather than doing it behind your back.

By talking about this on the website, we educated prospective customers about what they should be asking Paul’s competitors about their quotes before simply deciding to go with the cheapest.

The job of the website

Paul knows his customers will get quotes from other builders. That’s not a problem because he wins more work than he loses. What he wants his website to do is to make sure he’s one of the builders they get quotes from.

The result

And that’s exactly what happens now. Paul has had compliments on his site from customers looking for a builder in Sydney and architects looking to recommend builders. It’s now an essential tool in his marketing.

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