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By Steven Lewis

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The NSW Small Business Commissioner was looking to reach her customers with better website copywriting and social media. But small businesses are slow to believe government is there to help them.

The copywriting situation

Headquartered in Sydney, the NSW Small Business Commissioner is an independent voice for small businesses across the state.

The Commissioner’s existing website was dry. It was focussed on the statutory role of the Commissioner. The writing needed to be about how the Commissioner could help a small business.

The Commissioner was ahead of her time in having Facebook and Twitter accounts. We found almost no social media engagement among her peers in Australia or even overseas.)

But her social media was almost all announcements about where the SmallBiz Connect Bus would be parked. The bus gives the office an even greater reach beyond Sydney. It carries business advisors around the state so small business owners can drop in for advice.

The solution

Social media copywriting example
Social media copywriting example

We made the website's copywriting less formal. We made sure readers understood the Commissioner’s office was staffed by people who’d run small businesses or who'd grown up with parents who ran small businesses.

We interviewed small business success stories like Jodie Fox (Shoes of Prey) and Adriano Zumbo.

For social media engagement, we proposed the Commissioner dip into her statistics about small business and share them on social media. The "Friday Facts" posts celebrated the role of small businesses in our economy.

The result

The Commissioner’s website is now clearer on what the Commissioner can do to help small businesses.

The tone of the copywriting on the site is a celebration of small businesses. And the Commissioner’s Facebook page continues to grow, thanks in part of the popularity of her Friday Facts.


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