How you write your website content creates the first impression many clients have of you

What do web copywriting and flying have in common?

Here's a question you don't want to ask yourself next time your holiday is starting at 30,000 feet. Did the engineers who serviced this plane think close enough was good enough? Most passengers are unlikely to ask that. Why?

Remember the last time your holiday began in an airport. Flight crew from various airlines strode through the terminal on their way to their planes. There were pilots with rings of gold at their cuffs and flight attendants without a crease out of place. 

They could all do their jobs in jeans and T-shirts, but their appearance inspires confidence in their ability to operate a $428 million aircraft. And that confidence they give you extends all the way to the crew you can't see, including the engineers. But what’s this got to do with writing a website?

What's this got to do with writing a website?

Like an airline's flight crew, your website content is an ambassador for every aspect of how you do business. Potential clients land on your website every day. Some arrive from Google. Some are visiting to back up a word-of-mouth referral. All are judging every aspect of your business from what they read and see on your site.

Well-presented, persuasive copy will make your phone ring. If you make a poor first impression, you won’t hear anything. 

Website copywriters who can grow your business

We write website content for clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and internationally

We write content for. . .

Our clients are like you (and us). They're:

* In Australia (mostly). (We're in Sydney with projects in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane as well as overseas.) 

* They have trouble making themselves sound as good as they are because they’re not expert copywriters.

* They want their website content to bring in more leads.

SEO copywriting helps your website to stand out in Google

Our clients want. . .

* A website that reflects the quality of their whole business

* Website content writers who spend the time to understand them and their clients

* Writers who use the principles of persuasion to bring in business

* SEO copywriters who can increase the flow of prospects from Google

Good web copywriting leaves your potential clients in no doubt why they would choose you

They don't want. . .

* Generic copy that makes them sound exactly the same as everyone else.

* "Salesy" copy that makes prospects feel pressured

* Meaningless claims ("leading", "fastest growing") that undermine their credibilty

SEO Copywriting and Web Building

We are a full-service agency for our web copywriting clients, offering expert SEO copywriting, website design and site building.

We are SEO copywriters based in Sydney but with clients in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth as well.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriters present website content so Google understands it. When Google values your content, you gain more potential clients from searches. We have SEO copywriters, and we partner with SEO companies.


We design and build websites for our copywriting clients

Website Design and Building

We work with our clients’ site designers and web developers. We can also design and build your site for you. 


The best web content writing is by journalists

Our content writers are journalists. They have a wealth of experience asking the right questions. 

Our content writers are in Sydney, but we're writing websites for clients in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and overseas.

Our content writers are in Sydney, but we're writing websites for clients in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and overseas.

Our website writing process

1. We spend the time to understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve.

2. We spend the time to understand your ideal clients. We find out what they know and what they need to know.

3. We use the knowledge we acquire to write web copy that highlights what make you different and convinces your clients to choose you.



Website reviews

Already have a website? Have a professional copywriter review your website to see where you're losing business..

What Our Web Copywriting Clients Say

We get most of our new clients by recommendations from existing clients.


"I'm so glad I took the plunge!"

Taleist spent hours really understanding who I am and what my target market is... The return on investment has been much, much better.
— Jo Grabyn from Bounce Matters

"The leads are much better quality"

The quality of leads is a lot greater... And our sales cycle... is a lot quicker.
— Paul Netto, Store A Box

"I'm permanently number one on Google"

I no longer have any stress wondering when the next call is going to come.
— John Verhoeven of Antiques Wanted

"We rank on the first page of Google for 30 keywords"

Thanks to Taleist’s SEO copywriting, we have 19 keywords in the top three Google results, and we’re on Google’s first page for 30 keywords.
— Jesse Reid, Urban Edge Martial Arts

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