Your English teacher doesn't work here

Copywriting isn't about writing to impress an English teacher.
Copywriting is about persuading your clients into action.
It's about research and the psychology of persuasion.

Above all great copy keeps your reader interested,
Because nothing happens if no one reads.
(But spelling and grammar definitely count.) 


Watch to find out why journalists make the best copywriters.

At Taleist, Australian journalists write your copy and website content

No one knows better than a journalist how to:

  1. Research a story
  2. Grab a reader's attention
  3. Keep them interested while passing on information
  4. Get the reader to feel and act.

That's why we work with journalists for copywriting and website content writing (including SEO copywriting). All our writers are in Australia.


Meet the team

Steven Lewis, Director of Website Content Writing

Steven has a background in storytelling. He has been a journalist for 20 years, writing for publications as diverse as Esquire and the Financial Times. Soon after he began writing for newspapers, he was approached by multinationals looking for a new take on their copywriting.

Steven turned his journalism background into a PR consultancy, working with companies ranging in size from small all the way to Intel and Microsoft. His book on PR is taught as part of the University of Sydney’s Masters in Strategic PR. He has also lectured in journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney.

His background in writing web content goes back even further. He built his first website for a client in 1994, when there were fewer than 10,000 websites in the world. And he started blogging in 1996, long before anyone knew it would be called blogging.

Steven hosted our free weekly Wednesday Website Content Writing Webinars. They're archived here.


Fleur Lewis, Director of Copywriting

Fleur has a background in financial services where her roles involved getting to understand businesses and their needs.

Her interest in marketing, specifically content, started at university where she studied economics and marketing, later joining the journalism program at the University of Technology, Sydney.

At Taleist Fleur combines her understanding of businesses with content marketing strategies and execution.

Need words?

We'd love to help. Let us know how.

Our writers are in Australia (mostly in Sydney), and we have clients in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and London. We work in person and by phone, but our clients especially love the convenience of video conferencing by Skype or Zoom.

You can reach us at or call Steven on 0413 829 909.

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