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Seminars, workshops and hands-on training in using communications, especially digital marketing, including social media. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, we can run training suitable for you in communicating online, and using Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media.


Digital Strategy

Your business needs a return on its investment in social media, online marketing and digital communications. We create digital, social media and content strategies that take into account where you want to get to, how far you have to go, and what’s available to get you there. And we’ll show you how to measure your progress.


Content marketing

Success in social media is about having something to say. Our team of professional journalists works with clients to create relevant content that informs and entertains their audiences. More importantly, it boosts the bottom line by moving those audiences through the buying and influence cycles.


Social media talks and seminars

Even when you don’t plan to do everything yourself, it helps to understand the landscape, the possibility and the tools. We run hands-on training and workshops, including bespoke sessions specific to your needs. Our specialties are writing and scripting for online audiences, social media, and content marketing.

Social media strategy

Your strategy might be as short as a single side of A4 but a plan is essential to succeeding in social media. Who is your audience? Where are they? What are they talking about? What do they want to hear from you? And where are you going to find the content? Taking the time to work through these questions will set you up to succeed.

Good news: there are more ways to be heard today. Bad news: there’s more noise. Companies who know how to put the right content in the right place for the right audience can stand out from the crowd. In a busy world, there’s ever more need for the relevant information and rewards for those who provide it.



Social media expert and digital strategist

Steven has been helping companies communicate online since 1994. Today he specialises in helping companies relate to their customers, employees and stakeholders with new media. His original and practical views on digital communications strategies are highly regarded by corporate clients in Australia and abroad.

  • Inspirational

    Get excited by the opportunities the new world offers you

  • Relevant

    Content that makes sense for you

  • Practical

    Talks and courses that focus on what is achievable

  • Understandable

    Taking the complicated and making it simple (and not making the simple complicated)

  • Actionable

    Information you can use immediately


Instagram put you in the theatre business

Give your customers the props to help them tell their stories and they’ll help you tell yours.


Is it enough to like and care about your job?

4 July 2014
Is it enough to like your job and care about doing it well without the linguistic inflation requiring you to feel a passion for it?

The easy way to think about your social media strategy

26 June 2014
Going through a SOSTAC sounds painful but it's actually an easy way to think about your all-important social media strategy.

How to avoid eating a hashtag hand grenade on Twitter

24 June 2014
Major brands and famous organisations have eaten a hashtag hand grenade on Twitter. Here are four simple questions to ask yourself when choosing a hashtag.

The dangers of pitching your blog on someone else's platform

20 June 2014
Blogging on LinkedIn could be like like building a house on rented land. So what should you do to reduce the risk?
How to make a great video infographic

The secrets of great corporate videos

18 June 2014
What you need to keep in mind to make videos your audiences will want to watch.
Move your marketing to the right

Why it's time to move your marketing department to the far right

16 June 2014
You won't get people to do what you want them to do if they don't understand what you're suggesting.
Unlikeable on Facebook

Likeability or unlikeability: which should matter more to your Facebook marketing?

11 June 2014
Should it matter more to your marketing efforts on Facebook whether you're likeable or unlikeable? And how do you measure return on investment in Facebook?
Content marketing is for cavemen

Content marketing is for cavemen

10 June 2014
The fundamentals of content marketing would have been recognisable to cavemen.
Facebook's no free lunch policy

Facebook's all-you-can-eat marketing buffet was always too good to be true. So now what do you do?

5 June 2014
Facebook offered companies a way to reach up to a billion customers without charging anyone a cent, a free all-you-can-eat marketing buffet. And, like any free lunch, it was always too good to be true.


Dave Cornford

Steven is a highly skilled and entertaining speaker and presenter. He brings his extensive knowledge of social media, online marketing and self-publishing to life in the seminar context.

Dave CornfordHead of Design Strategy Mobillytics
Jennifer Lacoon

Prepared, relevant and entertaining in plain language. Steven is extremely engaging and knows what he talks about needs to be relevant to his audience and have real business value.

Jennifer LacoonDirector Human ResourcesUniversity of Technology, Sydney
Damian Damjanovski

Steven is a breath of fresh air in the world of communications. Always on top of the latest trends and developments, his perspectives and ideas are always valuable contributions to any project.

Damian DamjanovskiStrategy DirectorCommon Ventures
Sally Berry

Perfect pace to learn and be stimulated – great presenter and teacher.

Sally BerryMarketing and financial directorTRAKKA
Mike Sea

As someone who has taught many speakers how to communicate, your style fits you perfectly and your message packed its way into my little brain easily. Your presentation was an aspect of the training I thoroughly enjoyed.

Mike SeaEditorial contentFairfax Media
Margaret Helman

I really enjoyed the course and especially your presentation skills and I have been a trainer for 40 years!

Margaret HelmanExecutive commmunication coachMargaret Helman and Associates
Andrew Gillman

The presenter was brilliant – funny articulate and left you feeling inspired but also armed with practical steps to take. To get inspiration and actual useful tips in a course is so rare and this one had it in spades!

Andrew GillmanSocial Media ManagerAustralian Writers’ Centre
Nano Pinder

I really enjoyed the brilliant sense of humour in Steven’s delivery and interaction. He was honest, realistic, approachable, fun – a walking Wikipedia.

Nano PinderAuthorThe Seventh Sense
Lisa Monk

Steven informed, entertained and excited a group of business people who knew very little about the subject. He is a personable and entertaining presenter, with a deep knowledge of his subject and a way of making it resonate with people who may not have previously realised the impact that social media marketing can have.

Lisa MonkEditorTravel Monitor
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